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For FoodforCare, location Radboudumc, we are looking for catering toppers with a heart for care!

At least six times a day, the nutrition assistant visits patients with dishes. The patients receive an explanation of the ingredients on the spot and you focus on the intake of proteins. You are part of the recovery process, because you recommend the meal that best suits the patient's recovery. Then the patient decides what he likes.
As a nutrition assistant at Radboudumc, you therefore have a very important task. You provide the people (patients and their guests) on the wards with the most basic things in life: food and drink. In addition, you will come into contact with different departments in the hospital, where patients are admitted for the most diverse reasons.

Educational attainment





part time


CAO contractcatering

Wat bieden wij?

  • Een leuke afwisselende baan binnen een gezellig team waar je inzet en je mening worden gewaardeerd.
  • Een dienstverband van 18 – 30 uur per week.
  • Vaste werktijden van 07.00 – 13.45 (ochtenddienst) & 13.30 tot 20.00 uur (middagdienst).
  • Je hoort ruim van tevoren je planning en het is mogelijk om te werken met vaste dagen.
  • Arbeidsvoorwaarden en salaris conform CAO Contractcatering.
  • Ontwikkelingsmogelijkheden in de zorgsector en een groot scala aan interne trainingen.
  • Direct patiëntencontact en veel sociale interactie.


Wat vragen wij van jou?

  • Je hebt affiniteit met zorg én hospitality.
  • Je beschikt over MBO/HBO werk- en denkniveau.
  • Vaardigheden om om te gaan met moeilijke categorieën patiënten (zoals oncologie, neurologie ed).
  • Een adviserend vermogen om patiënten te inspireren over te gaan tot eten.
  • Je hebt een gastgerichte instelling, je bent verzorgd en representatief.
  • Je bent betrokken bij je collega’s en de afdelingen om samen de beste zorg te leveren.
  • Je bent flexibel inzetbaar, ook in de weekenden
  • Je bent bereid om specifieke trainingen (voedselveiligheid, dieetleer, productkennis, gastvrijheid etc) te volgen.


All this makes this a valuable job that will certainly not look out of place on your CV!

"I was able to get started within a week!"
"I like customer contact the most in my job."
"Together with my colleagues, we get it done every day."
"Coming up with good and healthy dishes is the most beautiful thing there is."

Who are we?

FoodforCare is the unique nutritional formula for good food and drink in healthcare. Patients are served small, tasty and tempting dishes at five to seven eating moments throughout the day. All dishes within FoodforCare have been specially developed with fresh and healthy ingredients and contain important nutritional values that are important for the individual patient and his / her recovery.

Radboudumc is a university medical center located in the oldest city in the Netherlands: Nijmegen. This hospital strives to be at the forefront and to make an active contribution to the development of sustainable, innovative and affordable healthcare. The dissemination and expansion of knowledge and expertise is central to this. The hospital offers space for just under 600 beds, spread over 21 departments.

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