Work areas


Without the right packaging, we cannot get our dishes to our customers. In the packing department we ensure that everything is packed in the correct packaging. This can be different for every customer, so whether it is a 200 gram tray, a 2 kilo tray or a composite meal in a three-compartment package. Within this team we ensure that this happens quickly and within a cooled space so that the quality and shelf life remain optimal.

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We cook and package more than 30,000 dishes per day. This is distributed among many different customers. The orderpick department ensures that all orders from our customers are collected and prepared so that they can be transported to the customer. A nice place to make many meters between all the beautiful dishes, in a cooled environment so that the quality and shelf life remain optimal.

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The beating heart within our organization. Hier we are preparing tasty and fresh dishes every day. Because within the Eetgemak Groep believe that every human being has the right to a good meal,we cook more than 300 different recipes per day. Whether it is 2,000 kilos of potatoes or a dietary meal for a resident of a care institution, everything is prepared with the same commitment and passion. 


Without good ingredients we are nowhere. Bin the warehouse is thenalsoa great responsibility to ensure that we can cook all those different dishes every day. Here you are the point of contact for our suppliers but also for the kitchen when preparing all the ingredients for themealsthat need to be cooked. 

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Preparing a tasty & fresh dish is important. FROMwith good logistics services, we do not get our dishes to the correct destination. We still do a lot of our delivery ourselves and because of this you come to the nicest places. INfrom hospitals to care institutions and from nurseries to catering establishments. This ensures a changing working environment and many fun and different conversations at the locations where we deliver. 

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Out of order

The field service includes various functions, but everyone is concerned with optimally serving existing and potential customers. You can think of commercial roles in the field of sales but also service-providing roles in the field of culinary support.


U.Sofficeconsists ofdifferent departments that deal withthesmooth running of amealsproduction company. Whether it's our IT department that takes care of itWhichthe systems keep running, usdieteticsteam datmake suretthat our courts comply with the correct guidelines or the financial administration thatbeforeconcerntthat not only our employees but also our suppliers are paid on time.


FoodforCare is the unique nutritional formula for good food and drink in healthcare. Patients are served small, tasty and tempting dishes at five to seven eating moments throughout the day. All dishes within FoodforCare have been specially developed with fresh and healthy ingredients and contain important nutritional values that are important for the individual patient and his / her recovery.


We are happy to give students the opportunity to gain experience at amealsproducer where we cook every day to provide our many customers with a fresh, tailor-made dish. There are also several places where you can gain experience within the Eetgemak Groep. This goes from sales to marketing, from product development todieteticsor from human resources to financial administration† We often finda suitable place for enthusiastic students. 

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